Get To Know Kristen Elizabeth Photography.

Are you ready to learn some fun facts about Kristen Elizabeth Photography, aka me, your photographer? If you’ve known me for a while, you probably already know most of these, but if you’re new, Hi! It’s nice to meet you; I’m Kristen! Here are some things I’d love for you to know about me!

My Love For Photography Began in 2010.

My parents gave me a light pink, point-and-shoot Nikon camera for Christmas. I was SO EXCITED! I used to photograph weird and interesting things around my house. I even set up a softbox area in my room on my desk using white computer paper and photographed colorful erasers and colored pencils. When the spring and summer months rolled around, that’s when I really got into nature and macro photography.

For my high school graduation gift, my parents bought me a Nikon Coolpix L810. I had that camera for around three years and then upgraded to a Nikon D3200 in college. I NEVER thought I’d ever switch out of Nikon cameras, but you know what they say. Never say never. Now I shoot with a Sony A7iii camera and can’t imagine my photography life without it.

I Have A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Originally, I went to school for Photography but then decided to switch majors halfway through my freshman year. It’s a long story about why I switched majors, but that’s for another time. I found that I really loved Psychology because the brain is so complex and interesting. It’s crazy to think how a pile of pink mush controls our thoughts, behaviors, and words (don’t worry, I won’t psychoanalyze you during your photo shoot).

The area of Psychology that I’m really intrigued by is Child Psychology. I find how children interact with the people and environment around them interesting. What happens to children when they’re young really shapes them into who they become as adults, which is crazy to think about.

The Sound of Editing

While I’m culling and editing your beautiful memories, I listen to lo-fi music. You’re probably wondering, “What exactly is Lo-fi music?” Lo-fi is short for ‘”low-fidelity,” and it’s composed of a beat that’s similar to hip-hop but with less bass. This type of music is non-lyrical and is a mix of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. It has a relaxing vibe and helps me stay motivated while I cull and edit all the photos from your photo shoot.

Family History

Unlike most siblings, there is quite an age gap between my siblings and me! I’m 20 years younger than my brother and 14 years younger than my sister. Let’s just say I was a major surprise for my family! If you really want to know the story behind this, ask me at your next photo shoot! It’s a fun story to tell.

My Career

I do have another full-time job that I do during the weekdays, but I’m hoping I can make photography my one and only full-time job very soon. I’m a billing specialist for a Mental Health and Substance Abuse company.

Other Fun Facts

  • I’ve had food poisoning from Chipotle twice. It wasn’t fun, and both events really affected what my stomach can and can’t handle, but I can never say no to Chipotle. Just talking about it is making me hungry!
  • If you’re into astrology, I’m an Aries through and through. I’m creative, passionate, painfully stubborn (ask my husband if you need proof), and I can be pretty independent. Aries often get a bad reputation, but I think Aries people are full of fun and are very unpredictable.
  • Growing up, I wanted to be a fashion or graphic designer. I used to play in an online community where we would design boutiques and clothes. I’m not sure what changed my interest, but I fell in love with Photography a few years later.
  • Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge concert fanatic. I’ve been to 10 concerts, but I have two specific bands I have to see any time they’re in Minnesota: Paramore and the Jonas Brothers. Yes, I know they’re two very different genres, but I enjoy a wide range of genres. I’ve been to two Jonas Brothers concerts and one Paramore concert. I love being in a huge crowd full of strangers, and we’re all having the time of our lives bonding over music from artists who we all love. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

And there you have it! Some interesting facts you may or may not have known about me. If you have similar interests, don’t hesitate to bring them up at your photo shoot! I love getting to know my clients and creating a special bond with them, especially if we have similar interests! You can also send me an email or fill out my contact form!


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