Senior Photos & Why They Matter

Imagine this, it’s been 20 years since you graduated, and your significant other, your kids, or your parents find your yearbook. The nostalgia hits like a brick. You start to remember all the sports you played, your hobbies, and the projects you stayed up super late to complete. Being around the same people for those 12 years and all the memories you made with them is all coming back to you now. Then your family flips to the senior section of the yearbook, and everyone’s personality shows. Bryan is posing with his soccer ball. Lauren is posing in the snow. Austin is holding his football at the Stone Arch Bridge.

They finally find your senior photo. You had your senior pictures taken at your favorite park in Minneapolis. The place that, at the time, meant the world to you. A place that you spent a lot of time at, walking around, playing your favorite sport. The nostalgia hits even harder. Even more memories start to flood your mind. The game you had to win because it would win your team the championship. The spot where you would go with your friends and walk around and explore nature.

Yes, yearbooks can be cheesy, but these memories are why they exist, especially for seniors. Senior photos are a keepsake that you get to look back on and remember the hobbies you had back then. This is why having your senior photos taken is essential! These memories will live in your yearbook so that you and your family can look back and remember the good old days.

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Guy posing with a soccer ball of his senior photos
Bryan’s Senior Photo – Class of 2020
Girl posing in the snow for her senior photos
Lauren’s Senior Photo – Class of 2022
Guy posing on the Stone Arch Bridge for his senior photos
Austin’s Senior Photo – Class of 2022

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