Why You Should Have Professional Headshots Taken

Having updated professional headshots is SO important! As much as you want to tell yourself that your most recent selfie will work for your LinkedIn profile, the truth is that selfies are no longer cutting it! You really do need a headshot that will make you look like an adult and, most importantly, a part of the working world.

Today it’s important to look your best! Everything is found on the internet, which means EVERYTHING lives in the cyber world. This is why it’s so important now more than ever to portray the image you want with professional headshots.

Let’s be honest, the first thing a prospective client or employee will do is look you up on every social media platform under the sun. They look at your personal Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even your Instagram, too! Now that it’s the 21st century, first impressions are made with the photos you put on any of your social media profiles, not in person.

One thing you need to ask yourself is if your profile picture represents your brand. Your headshot should compliment you in a genuine and confident way. We’ll work together to create an exceptional headshot that captures your “brand” and tells your story. Let me help you create something that will make your prospective employer think, “I want to work with this person.” Or “They look trustworthy”.

Headshots of a woman veterinarian
Mia’s Headshots – Taken at my studio in Northeast Minneapolis

What Should I Wear to my Professional Headshot and Branding Photo Shoot?

When planning your outfit, it’s important to consider who your audience is. It could be prospective clients, potential employees, or employers. What industry are you in? Tech, HR, Real Estate, or Sales? Next, think about your style and what makes you feel and look confident. It’s not a one size fits all approach here. Your headshots should tell your story and give off a sense of what you’re like. 

It’s also important to make sure your clothes fit properly and are ready to be photographed. Make sure your suit fits correctly or that your dress is a business-appropriate length. Also, make sure you’re wearing the proper undergarments. I can work some magic in photoshop, but editing out a stray bra strap or panty line is a very tedious task. Wearing a nude color under a white dress or top is the best option because white under white does, in fact, show up.

Headshot & Branding sessions taken by a woman owned business
Cate’s Headshots – Taken at the Mill City Ruins

Other FAQs About Headshots and Branding Photo Shoots.

Where Can I Have My Professional Headshots Taken?

We can take pictures on location (outdoors, at your office, etc.) or at one of the many studios in and around Minneapolis. It really depends on what industry you’re in and what style you’re going for. We will work together to find the perfect location that represents you, your brand, and the feeling you want to express through your photos. Rest assured, I always look for the best lighting and composition.

Do You Offer Hair and Makeup?

Hair and makeup can be added on for $150. Your hair and makeup will be done by Caitlin Spah.

Other Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Professional Headshot Photos:

– If you’re someone who has facial hair, be sure to shave a few hours before your headshot and branding photo shoot. If you shave a few hours before, your skin won’t look irritated.

– Glasses-wearers! I suggest wearing a pair of glasses that don’t have any lenses in them. Lenses can distort your eyes and can cause reflections. Distorted eyes and reflections are not easily fixable in Photoshop, and if I were to try and fix them in Photoshop it wouldn’t look natural.

Minneapolis Photographer Headshot
Here’s a great example of my headshot. Taken by the lovely Alyssa Pearl Photography.

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