3 Tips For Beautiful Family Photos

Planning for family photos can sometimes be stressful, but guess what! It doesn’t have to be! That’s why I’m sharing 3 of my best tips to help prepare you and your family for your next photo shoot! 

These tips will come in handy and help your session run as smoothly as possible.

Roll With It:

The #1 tip, which is SUPER important, is to roll with it! Let go of the expectations, let things unfold naturally, take a step back, and trust your photographer! Have fun and be in the moment with your beautiful family!

Give a Pep Talk:

Explain to your kids what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what they’ll get if they do well. The more fun you make it sound, the better they’ll participate!

Also, having them be part of the planning process will get them excited for family photos! Whether they’re helping choose outfits (potentially dangerous, I know), coming up with photo ideas, or helping select a reward for good behavior, getting them involved makes them feel important, included, and in control.

Your Attitude:

Getting yourself and everyone dressed, fed, and ready to go can be stressful. Do your best to stay positive and laid back. Your attitude trickles down to your kids and even to your partner. It should be no surprise that grumpy parents can create grumpy kids and vice versa.

You want your kids to act like angels, so you step in to try and help, but this is where things can sometimes fall apart. When kids have too many people telling them what to do, they can become overwhelmed and shut down. That’s the #1 reason I’ve seen why kids get in a mood during their session. Do your best not to fret, take a step back, and enjoy someone else being in charge for a while!

No moment is too small to celebrate, whether it’s your son or daughter’s high school graduation, your newborn baby, or just a plain old Saturday with your little ones. I want to be your lifetime photographer – capturing each special season as your family changes and grows.

I take a connection-centered approach to my work: I don’t just want to photograph you once and say goodbye. I’m not afraid to get down on the ground for that perfect shot of your little one or to hike through a tall grassy field to get that beautiful golden hour glow. If you’re looking for a laid-back, fun, and detail-oriented photographer, you’ve come to the right place. 

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