Top 5 Best Family Photo Locations

You’re in for a treat if you’ve been searching for the perfect setting for your yearly family photos. While Minnesota offers many picturesque locations, I’ve curated the top five that will transform your family photo shoot into a masterpiece. Get ready to immerse yourself in landscapes, charm, and memories waiting to be documented and cherished for a lifetime!

Arneson Acres Park – Edina

Step into the enchanting beauty of Arneson Acres Park in Edina, where every corner is a picture-perfect spot. Meticulously landscaped gardens, a beautiful fountain, and a serene courtyard provide stunning backdrops that blend nature and elegance effortlessly. If you’re looking for vibrant flowers against lush greenery, Arneson Acres Park is the perfect choice for family photos with timeless beauty.

Family poses together by the fountain at Arneson Acres Park in Edina, Minnesota.

Lebanon Hills Regional Park – Eagan

Nature lovers, get ready! Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan is a nature enthusiasts dream, offering a blend of natural beauty and versatile backdrops. From beachside serenity, wooded trails, and beautiful fields, this location provides diverse settings to create a collection of images that will showcase your family’s personalities against Mother Nature’s finest.

Family posed together for their family photo shoot at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota

Whitetail Regional Woods – Farmington

Whitetail Regional Woods in Farmington is the perfect destination for those yearning for a rustic feel. If you’re looking to capture casual and carefree moments, Whitetail Regional Woods offers golden meadows, tall pines, and wandering trails and sets the stage for a family photo shoot that captures your family’s unique story.

Family cuddles together on a blanket in a field at Whitetail Regional Woods in Farmington, Minnesota.

Old Cedar Bridge – Bloomington

Discover the hidden gem of the Old Cedar Bridge in Bloomington, offering a delightful fusion of woods and architecture. The steel bridge, wooden boardwalk, lush greenery, and open fields create an intimate atmosphere perfect for capturing candid moments as your family explores nature together.

Family stands together on the Old Cedar Bridge in Bloomington, Minnesota for their family pictures.

Ritter Farm Park – Lakeville

Closing out the list is the picturesque Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville, where nature meets history. The rustic red silo, tall oak trees, and golden fields offer a unique and timeless backdrop for your family photoshoot. Ritter Farm Park effortlessly combines the past and present’s warmth, providing an ideal setting for casual and classic family photos that will stand the test of time.

A mother and father look at their daughter while they're getting their family photos taken at Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville, Minnesota.

As we embark on this journey together to capture your family’s love and laughter, consider the qualities of each location. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of Arneson Acres or the rustic charm of Whitetail Regional Woods, you can feel rest assured I will frame your family’s story beautifully.

So what are you waiting for, let’s create magic together! Gather your loved ones, pick a location that speaks to your soul, and let’s capture your beautiful family in these breathtaking settings. 

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