Debunking Common Family Photo Session Myths

Ah, family photos: a timeless tradition, cherished mementos, a source of joy, and for some, maybe even a little frustration. In the age of Instagram filters and perfectly curated feeds, the pressure to capture flawless family moments can feel overwhelming. But behind those picture-perfect smiles lies a sea of misconceptions waiting to be debunked. Join me as I dive into the world of family photo sessions uncovering the truths obscured by the glossy sheen of social media, and rediscover the beauty in the imperfect, the chaos, and the real.

MYTH: Your kids have to sit still during your family photo session.

TRUTH: I always aim to get one or two “Christmas card-esque” photos, but after that I’ll encourage your family to run around, play, and explore together. While you’re doing this, I’ll be capturing tons of candid and heart-felt moments between you and your family. Chances are you’ll be having so much fun together you’ll probably forget I’m there!

Two little girls run under a blanket that's being shaken by their mom and dad during their family photo session at Hidden Valley Park in Savage, Minnesota.

MYTH: Your family has to be “perfect.”

TRUTH: Despite popular belief, there is no such thing as perfect. I want you and your family to come as you are and be true to yourselves. My goal is to photograph your family as is, because at the end of the day, those are the memories you’ll cherish the most. So if your little one has a toothless smile or has a little stuffed animal they can’t part with, I want document those special moments for you. 

A mom and dad tickle their toddler during their family photo session at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota.

MYTH: You have to pay extra for the final photos.

TRUTH: When working with Kristen Elizabeth Photography, your final gallery is all yours, no strings attached! I’ll select and edit the best photos that I think best represent your family, the session, and my work. After I upload the final photos to your gallery, I’ll send you an email with the gallery link. From there, you can download, share, and print your family pictures however you wish. There’s even a professional print store attached to your gallery! After you open your gallery for the first time, you’ll receive 15% off any print order. The best part is that the print products will be shipped directly to you!

A mom and dad laugh with their two sons during their family photo session at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota.

MYTH: You have to have your family photos taken in a studio.

TRUTH: While a studio setting is an ideal location during the colder months, outdoor family photos are where it’s at! Having trouble deciding on where to take your family pictures? I got you! After booking your session with me, I’ll send you my 20-page location guide filled with the best spots around the Twin Cities that are perfect for family photo sessions!

Family of four smile at the camera for their family pictures in Stillwater, Minnesota.

TRUTH: Every photographer is different, but I like to show my clients a few sneak peeks during your session. If I just captured a special moment between you and your little one, I’ll show you the photo! There’s nothing I love more than seeing the excitement my clients have when they see how amazing their photos look and the beautiful moment I captured. 

A girl tickles her little brother and her parents watch and laugh during their family pictures at Arneson Acres Park in Edina, MN.

MYTH: You have to come to your family photo session with poses in mind.

TRUTH: Please do not stress about how to pose yourself or your family. Leave the posing to me! Your only job is to show up and have fun. However, if there is a pose or two you saw on Pinterest that you want to use as inspiration, then let’s do it! 

A family of five huddle together during their fall family portraits at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota.

MYTH: You can book your family photo session last minute.

TRUTH: Please, please, please don’t procrastinate on booking your family photo session; especially in the fall! You would not believe how many panicked emails I receive in November because people forgot to book their family photo session for the fall and now they don’t have updated family photos for their Christmas cards. Booking early will save you SO much time and stress in the long run.

Booking your family photos early allows you to choose from prime dates, it gives you plenty of time to choose outfits, get your family mentally prepared, and you won’t feel stressed out of your mind! Ideally, you want to book your family photo session 4-6 weeks before your desired date. However, if you’re looking for fall family photos, I highly recommend reaching out in July or August. Keep in mind, your session is not secured until you pay the session retainer and sign the contract!

A family and their dog sit on a blanket in a field during their family photo shoot at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota.

MYTH: It’s OK to let your family photos stay digital.

TRUTH: The cloud, your iPhone/Android, and social media aren’t forever. Don’t let your photos and the memories behind them stay digital. Print your photos and enjoy them on the walls of your home so your family can see them all the time. Scientists have proven that it’s valuable for children to see themselves as part of a family unit. It has a positive benefit for a child’s self-esteem and helps them develop stronger confidence. As I mentioned a few paragraphs above, your gallery is attached to an online print store, where you can purchase prints, canvas prints, albums, calendars, and so much more!

A family of four play follow the leader during their family photo shoot at Whitetail Woods Regional Park in Farmington, Minnesota.

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