Unveiling The Secrets Of Senior Pictures

Can you even handle the wild rumors swirling around about senior pictures? Well, hold onto your hats because I’m about to spill the tea and set the record straight! Get ready to discover the real deal behind those common senior pic myths.

MYTH: You have to be “photogenic” or an “instagram model” to have your senior pictures taken.

TRUTH:  Senior pictures are about YOU, not some unrealistic standard. Seriously, I’ll bring out your best side, no matter what. It’s all about showing off your vibe and celebrating you! Don’t stress about fitting some mold. Just chill, be yourself, and get ready for some epic senior picture moments. It’s all about making memories that scream YOU! 

A teen girl sits on a fountain and smiles at the camera during her senior pictures at the Lyndale Rose Gardens in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

MYTH: You have to come to your photo shoot with poses in mind.

TRUTH: No need to freak out about posing or figuring out what to do with your hands during your senior pictures! That’s totally my job! All you gotta do is show up and rock your awesome self. Seriously, I’ve got a ton of poses and ideas up my sleeve, so leave it to me.

I’ll walk you through each pose so you know what to do. And hey, once you start feeling comfy in front of the camera, feel free to add your own sparkle to the poses. But seriously, no pressure at all! Just have fun and let’s make some magic together!

A girl looks over her shoulder and smiles during her senior photo shoot.

MYTH: You can book your senior pictures last minute.

TRUTH: I’m begging you, please don’t leave booking your senior pictures until the last minute! Trust me, booking early is the way to go. It gives you time to plan your outfits, get your hair and nails done, and snag the best dates.

Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the panicked emails and messages I get from seniors and their parents when October hits, and the yearbook deadline is looming. It’s a whirlwind! So, get ahead of the game and book those senior pics ASAP and save yourself from the stress later on. Your future self will thank you!

A high school senior girl stands amongst hundreds of flowers during her senior photo shoot at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, Minnesota.

MYTH: You should let your parents choose who takes your senior pictures.

TRUTH: While your parents might be footing the bill for your senior pictures, here’s the deal: you should choose a photographer who fits your vibe. Trust me, I wish I had more say in picking mine! Choosing a senior photographer who understands your vibe, aesthetics, and personalty will deliver a gallery full of photos you’ll love even when you’re 30. 

A teen girl sits next to a water fountain for her senior photos at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, Minnesota.

Ready to get your senior pictures booked? Fill out the contact form on my website or send me an email and let’s get this party started!

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