5 Senior Photo Posing Tips

Being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking, which is why I don’t expect any seniors I work with to come to their session with poses in mind. Leave that up to me!

However, there are a couple of things you can do to help your photos and final gallery feel more authentic to your personality. Here are a few quick and easy posing tips to remember during your next senior session!


Say goodbye to stiff and stale poses. Moving around will make your photos feel more fun and whimsical. Tilt your head, sway back and forth, kick your feet, pop your foot and raise your arms high in the sky, or spin around if you’re really feeling the fun and free vibes. Let that main character energy flow, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Senior girl sits on a ledge in a rose garden during her senior pictures.


As much as we love a nice, big, happy smile for photos, I highly recommend alternating between that big, happy smile and a cute, little soft smile. For those of you who might now know what a soft smile is, it’s a smile where you’re not showing your teeth. Changing up your smile can provide so much diversity to each pose and your gallery!

Teen girl poses among fall foliage for a senior photo.


After a few poses and clicks of the camera, there’s no question you’ll start feeling more comfortable. This is the perfect time to do your own thing and build each pose into something more your style! Play with your necklace, twirl a piece of your hair, or look in a different direction. Whatever you choose to do, it will make the pose you’re in much more fun.

Senior girl plays in the water for one of her senior photo poses.


Again, once you become more comfortable in front of the camera, don’t be afraid to interact with your surroundings. If you’re walking toward the camera, relax your arms and reach out and touch the tall grasses. Picture yourself in a flower field.

Some ways to level up your pose is by smelling the flowers or bringing them close to your face. Don’t be afraid to interact with your surroundings; it will add so much whimsy and playfulness to your photos!

Senior girl posing next to a hydrangea tree for her summer senior photo shoot.


You might feel a little silly and awkward when you’re posing, but trust me when I say your photos will be so much better if you allow yourself to have fun and be carefree! Let yourself frolic through the field, walk towards the camera like you’re on a runway, or swish your hair back and forth like no one is watching. Not only will you look relaxed, but you’ll also look like you’re having fun. Your photos will turn out so amazing if free yourself from all your worries and fear of judgement.

Teen girl sits in a field for her fall senior photo shoot.

I have more posing tips like this and so much more inside my session prep guide. You’ll receive the session prep guide and two other helpful guides after booking a senior session with me! My calendar is now open for the class of 2025, so reach out because my calendar is filling up quickly!

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