The Senior Session Prep Guide – Sharing 4 Nail Care Tips

One common question I get asked by the seniors I work with is, “What color should I paint my nails?” or, “What nail colors photograph well?”. After booking, I always send my seniors the senior session prep guide so they know exactly what to do with their nails for their senior pictures.

Here are just a few helpful tips from the nail prep section of the senior session prep guide:

  1. Stay with a neutral shade (white or beige) or opt for the classic French tip. Neon colors are only your friend if they coordinate with all your outfits.
  2. Make sure your hands are moisturized before your session. Bring an emergency hand cream with you just in case you need to reapply mid-session. Dry hands do not photograph well, especially when they’ll be next to your face in some pictures.  
  3. Take a good look at your nails a few days before your session. Make sure there are no paint chips or broken tips. If you’re wearing press-on nails, remember to bring an emergency nail glue with you in case one accidentally pops off during the session! 
  4. Don’t forget about your toenails, especially if you’re wearing open-toe shoes! If you’re getting your nails professionally done, why not add on a pedicure?

More About The Session Prep Guide

The nail prep portion is one of the many sections in your session prep guide, which you’ll receive right after you book your senior session. The session prep guide is full of helpful tips, including:

  • Face prep guide for picture-perfect skin.
  • A checklist of things you should bring with you to your session.
  • The Senior Session Timeline – a breakdown of things you need to be doing to prep yourself for your session.
  • And SO much more!

It’s incredibly important to book a photographer who cares for you and ensures you’re comfortable, prepped, and ready for your senior session! So what do you say? Are you ready for a one-of-a-kind senior experience? Send me an email or fill out the contact form to book your senior session and receive those session prep guides!

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Teen girl poses for her senior photos on a fountain at Arneson Acres Park in Edina, Minnesota.

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